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4th NY Regt.

Some of the Portrayals of Our Members

The 4th New York Regiment

We are approved by the Brigade of the American Revolution and the Continental Line to portray the 4th New York Regiment of the Continental Line.

The 4th NY Regiment was one of the first military units to serve the United States.  The various colonies were called upon by the Continental Congress in May 1775 to form units for the Continental Line. New York responded to the call by forming four regiments. 

The members of the 4th NY Regiment of the Continental Line came primarily from east of the Hudson River in Dutchess County (which included Putnam County at that time) and Westchester County.  The 4th NY, also had one company from Kings County, one from Queens, and one from Richmond County (Staten Island). A number of members also came from Fairfield Co., Connecticut. One company of the 4th NY became the first U.S. Navy under Jacobus Wyncoop.

We also portray later formations of the 4th NY which served at Saratoga, Monmouth,  the Sullivan Campaign and at Yorktown. We also portray Crown Forces at some events and have an artillery piece attached to our unit.



4th N.Y. Regimental Uniforms

1775-1778 Regimental Coat Gray faced in Blue

Each regiment during the Revolutionary War had its own uniform. Many units had thei uniforms change as the war progressed. In 1775, the only uniform item which appears to have been issued to the 4th NY was a Regimental Coat and Accouterments. There does not appear to be a change in the uniform until 1778, when they took on a light infantry look.  It is possible some of the gray coats could be worn longer by former members when they served in militia units

1778-1779 Regimental Coat White faced in Red

In 1778, Col. Henry Livingston ordered White Regimental Coats faced Red Regimental coats with plain brass buttons., in honor of the French Alliance. Otis & Andrews, the Boston tailors who made the uniforms for the Continental Army, complained these were out of the ordinary.  Gen. Washington granted permission for the unique uniforms to be made. Leather helmets were ordered, but they were issued wool felt helmets similar to the Andre design, which resemble modern day baseball caps.


1780-1781 Regimental Coat Blue faced in Buff

In 1779, Gen. Washington ordered the New York and New Jersey Line to have Blue Regimental Coats faced in Buff, similar to his uniform colors. These had working lapels.  They had USA Buttons on the coat.  The Hats were cocked hats with the NY button over the black and white alliance cockade. The Talmadge Orderly Books mention these uniforms having been received by all in 1780.


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