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About Us

The Living History Guild

The Living History Guild is a family friendly, not-for profit educational organization dedicated to keeping history alive in a fun and interesting way.  Participation in our organization is recognized as Community Service.

Our members put together authentic historical impressions and participate in reenactments, parades and educational programs, portraying people from different time periods. We do one day events as well as participate in overnight encampments locally and at historic sites around the United States & Canada.  We have done educational programs for organizations and historic sites, such as: the New York Historical Society, New York State Department of Parks & Recreation, Sturbridge Village, Yorktown National Historic Site, the National Park Service and Parks Canada. We also appear in movies, documentaries and on television.

We do careful research to develop our impressions so we can bring history alive authentically. Some items we wear and use for our impressions may be purchased but many items we historically construct. Making items is a rewarding experience and often cost much less than purchasing items. There are many opportunities to sell or trade items authentically made.

We provide a certification program for Living Historians from all time periods. People may be certified as Apprentice, Journeymen or Craftsman. We are starting a program to certify historically correct items from sutlers.

Members of the Living History Guild may portray civilians, craftsmen or trades people. Some may portray men at arms from any time period, including: infantry, artillery, cavalry or naval forces. Others may portray military musicians. 

We have many who specialize in the Revolutionary War, fielding Continental Soldiers, Militia, Crown Forces and Artillery. We also do Early Settlers of the New World, French & Indian War, the War Between the States and other time periods in American History.  We are always interested in adding other impressions.

We do military encampments and safely reenact battles and skirmishes, and even do war games using historical tactics. We use authentic reproductions of historical weapons, including: muskets, rifles, edged weapons, mortars and cannons.

We are members of the Brigade of the American Revolution and the Continental Line.

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