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Certification & Members

Certification & Categories of Membership

All Living History Guild Members, male or female, fall into one of four categories.  They may join, and stay at one level of membership, or they may choose to change their membership designation at any time, by meeting the requirements for another level.  Members seeking to portray various impressions must be certified for each impression. It is possible to be an Apprentice for one impression, while being a Craftsman for another.

1. Associate Guild Member

 Associate Members are those who have an interest in Living History, and want to support the work of the Guild, yet either do not want to personally undertake an historic impression, or have not chosen an impression, nor begun an Apprenticeship.

2. Apprentice

 All Guild Members who want to do a Living History impression, must serve an apprenticeship, or must have fulfilled the requirements of apprenticeship. For many, this is as far as they may want to go. An Application to serve an apprenticeship must be made to the Guild, under the sponsorship of a Journeyman or Craftsman. During the apprenticeship, the Apprentice will learn the principles necessary to be a Living Historian. They will undertake research and begin to develop their impression. The 10 foot rule applies to the Apprentice.  That means they must look good from 10 feet away. They must never wear or use any blatant anachronisms. Until they have an approved impression, they should not be one of the primary people speaking to the public.

3. Journeyman

 A Living Historian can become a Journeyman after serving an apprenticeship and passing the Journeyman inspection. A Journeyman must look good up close and should be able to speak with the public about their impression.  All items a Journeyman wears or uses, which the public can see, must be made from period correct items and appear to be constructed with period correct methods. If items from their impression were hand stitched, then all visible seams must be hand stitched. If items were machine constructed, then all visible seams must appear machine constructed.

4. Craftsman

 A Living Historian can become a Craftsman when they have mastered their impression, have served for a reasonable time as a Journeyman and have passed the Craftsman inspection. Everything a Craftsman wears or uses, shall be constructed from period correct materials using period methods.  That means any garment that was hand sewn historically must be completely hand sewn.

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