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Putting Together a Living History Impression


While we recognize the place for people to dress-up and casually portray historical characters, our purpose is to make history come alive accurately.  Each member of the Living History Guild puts together at least one approved historically accurate Living History Impression.  That means everything they wear and do will accurately portray what people wore and did during a specific time in history. All clothing and accouterments shall be constructed of the same materials and from historical patterns, as much as is possible.

Most members portray a generic character, such as a soldier or craftsman from the American revolution. Members may portray a specific historical character but that requires much more work and attention to details to bring that character to life.  Someone who is 6 tall should not portray an historical character who is 56 tall. Women should not portray men, nor men portray women. Guidance is provided at all stages.  Items may be purchased or made.

All members of the Living History Guild and Venture Crew members start out as an Apprentice. Many may want to remain an Apprentice. Others may want to work on their impression and meet the qualifications to become a Journeyman or Craftsman. That is completely up to the individual. A person at any level of certification if considered as valuable and equal to the others.

The Basic Impressions for Any Time Period:

1. Civilian - Everyone should be able to portray a Civilian from their time period.  Civilians are town, country or city people who keep a society going. Some portray family roles, crafts people, or those who work in the trades. Members may make and sell historically accurate goods, food and merchandise.


2. Man at Arms (Soldier) - The age requirement to field with a weapon, depends on the time period you portray and the event we participate in.  For National Events the standard requirement is a minimum of age 16.  For other events, those who look 15 and have completed a firearms safety course may field with a weapon.

It is recommended all members, male and female, learn firearms safety and the military drills.


3. Musicians - Musicians played a vital role in both civilian and military life.  Musicians will learn to play period instruments and music. There are often many film opportunities for period correct musicians.  Fifers, Drummers, Pipers and Buglers are very good roles to portray.


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